Life After News

Pat Minnis was a Sports Anchor at KATC in Lafayette, LA.

He worked at the station on and off for a decade. But, then he left TV news and traded in broadcasting for a career in insurance long ago. He is now a successful State Farm agent in Tempe, Arizona.

But now, he’s back in front of the camera.

Not doing news, but doing commercials for State Farm and he has an A-list co-star in the spots.

"In June, someone from State Farm marketing called looking for agents to be in these commercials," Minnis recalled. "They said, we want you to audition by Skype. So I did, and they said they were going to be looking at a lot of people but, the next morning, they called and said, you got the role. And I was like, the role for what? And they said, an Aaron Rodgers commercial. We need you to fly to Hollywood first thing Saturday morning."

Minnis said it took a few days to film a series of 10 commercials and at least three hours to shoot the first one.

Take a look: