Where will Hall Play on the ABC O&O's?


Disney-ABC is finalizing plans to launch new syndicated talk show for 2019-20 season headlined by former NBC talent Tamron Hall, according to Deadline. Hall previously co-hosted former 3rd hour broadcast of NBC Today till 2017, as well as previously did work for MSNBC. Hall's departure from NBC made room for Megyn Kelly taking over the 9AM hour, and months before the infamous Matt Lauer scandal.

It'll be interesting to see which shows ABC O&O stations could be looking to axe from their line-up, whether Rachael Ray or if RTM/Millionaire pairing could be on the chopping block, or if we could see 3PM newscasts on KABC and KTRK, and the Windy City Live show on WLS being in danger of being axed. It'll be interesting to see which stations and station groups (non O&O's) are looking to clear new Tamron Hall talker.

Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira had short-lived talk shows, both lasting 2 seasons, as both shows couldn't overcome that sophomore slump. It'll remain to be seen if Hall is a hit or miss.