Cowards Hiding Behind a Keyboard

One of the simplest things to do on the internet is hide behind a keyboard and throw anonymous insults at someone.

On Friday, FTVLive was sitting at lunch when we got an email saying that our e-card that we sent to WMBB (Panama City) News Director Tom Lewis was on it’s way and I would be informed when it was opened.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 3.25.38 PM.png

The e-card included a link to a website (that I will not name) that have a scathing post about Lewis and the job he does.

The post also said it was made by FTV Live (yes it was two words and I never spell it that way) and took shots at Mr. Lewis.

Now, to be honest, I don’t think that Tom Lewis is a very good News Director and I am certainly not a fan of his. But, I did not send the e-card and I certainly did not write the post about him.

Some coward was too scared to use their real name, made a bunch of accusations against Lewis and did it all under my name.

One thing that I think everyone knows about me, is no matter what I say or write, I put my name to it. I don’t hide behind a keyboard and post anonymous bullshit. If I have something to say, you will see it right here on and not on some site that lets anyone spew their crap and do it while pretending to be someone else.

In another incident, someone tried to spoof my email and sent a message to another website. FTVLive has only one email address and one only. We don’t send bullshit emails. Again, if we want to say something good or bad about a person, it will be done right here.

If you see a post anywhere from FTVLive and it’s not on this site, or our social media, you can bet your ass it did not come from us.

We don’t hide, we are straight up and we are not a coward when it comes to calling someone out.