Wilmington Stations Could Go Dark

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 3.26.37 AM.png

Wilmington’s WWAY went off the air a couple of times yesterday.

The station’s transmitter running out of fuel for its generator.

Two other Wilmington stations that share the site are likely to go down soon as well. The stations made arrangements before Hurricane Florence to have fuel available to refill the generators, but the flooding in the area from the storm has so far made it impossible to get the fuel to the tower.

As a result, WWAY briefly went off the air around 3 p.m. WECT and WSFX are also expected to run out of fuel soon and could lose their over-the-air signals.

The stations have been working with local, state and federal officials, include Rep. David Rouzer, FEMA and the governor’s office to figure out how to access the transmitter site by ground or air in order to provide essential information to the area during this ongoing disaster.

The stations say that if they lose their over the air signal they will still be broadcasting online.