Pushed Out in Indy

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WTHR has laid off sports Anchor Bob Kravitz and he says he was not the only one.

Kravitz jumped from the local paper to TV in 2014.

Kravitz took to Facebook to address the leaked news and let viewers know that he will remain at WTHR until mid-November.

"I’m getting all the attention and kind words but my heart is with my WTHR colleagues who suffered the same fate. They’re worked there for several decades, and now they’re out. Terrible to see," Kravitz writes. "There’s no backstory here, nothing embarrassing or sinister. Just a business decision they made."

"I’ll wallow in self pity tonight and be good to go tomorrow."

Kravitz also talks about more important things happening in his life, such as family health issues, and assures fans that he will be alright.

"In other words, I’m good and I’ll hopefully be annoying this city for years to come," Kravitz writes.

WTHR has not responded to multiple requests for more information on the reported layoffs.

H/T Indy Star