Anderson Cooper Fires Back

I lost count of how many times people sent me this picture of CNN’s Anderson Cooper supposedly faking it while covering Hurricane Florence.

Cooper is standing in high water, while his crew is in water that just over their ankles.

But, what first needs to be pointed out is that this was not last week and hurricane Florence. This pic is from 10 years ago, while Cooper was covering a storm in Texas.

One of those that called Cooper out for the “fake news” was Donald Trump Jr.

Cooper shot back and gave his reasons for standing in the water and also explained it was from 10 years ago.

Yes, there is no doubt that Cooper was standing in the water for dramatic effect and yes he did not need to do it. He says he was standing in the water as to not block a road that was being used for rescue.

But, surely he could have stood on the same ground that his crew was standing on and did not need to be in deep water. It was all done for effect.

But, it was not from Florence it was from 10 years ago.

Maybe Junior should have checked that before sending it out. Then again, like father, like son.

Here is Coop shooting back at Junior and taking a longtime to explain why he stood in the deep water in the first place?

Some of it is facts and some of his reply is complete B.S.

We’ll let you decide which is which.