WJHG (Panama City) Sports Director Scott Rossman is obviously not a a fan of Colin Kapernick. In fact he hates the guy so much, he will not even watch his Nike commercials on TV.

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Nike has seen sales rise 40% since debuting the Kapernick ad. Kapernick himself is making millions from Nike and sending a message for what he believes in.

Rossman is working as the sports guy in market 154.

Who’s the dumbass?

You might not believe in what Colin Kapernick stands (kneels) for and that’s fine. But calling the guy a “dumbass” as you represent WJHG and its owner Gray Television, might not be such a smart move either.

Mr. Rossman, I’m not calling you a dumbass, but if the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it.

Just saying….