Lobbing Softballs


Nexstar owned WIVB in Buffalo crowed about the fact that they had landed an “exclusive” interview with indicted Congressman and Trump Supporter Chris Collins.

WIVB Reporter Dave Greber landed the interview but according to the Buffalo News, he made little news as he lobbed softball questions at Collins.

“The interview played like an attempt to sympathize with Collins for the tough situation he is in”, the News wrote, adding, “viewers deserved an interview that went further than allowing him to use the forum to try and make viewers feel sorry for him.”

Greber asked Collins his feelings about getting a knock on the door from the FBI when he first learned he was in trouble.

“What is that like?” asked Greber. “You’ve never faced anything like this in your life.” Thanks Captain Obvious for that one.

Collins had explained that the FBI never told him he had the right to a lawyer and that he talked for 45 minutes before being told he was getting a subpoena.

If a US Congressman doesn’t know that he has a right to lawyer before talking to the FBI, then should this guy really be in Congress?

Full disclosure: FTVLive knows Chris Collins and has played golf with Chris Collins and he cheats on the golf course.