Kicked to the Curb by Nexstar


Nexstar has decided to cut ties with popular WTNH (New Haven, Connecticut) Weatherman Fred Campagna.

Campagna posted to social media that the station has decided to go another direction and that direction is away from him.

"I have some news to share with you, and it's probably going to come as a bit of a surprise, but News 8 has decided to move in a different direction as far as their weather team is concerned," said Campagna said in a video. "And before any of us get all too upset about that, I want you to know that I really loved my time at News 8."

The news certainly appeared to take viewers by surprise, many of whom flooded the comments section on his Facebook page, and in some cases turning their ire toward the Nexstar station or other WTNH meteorologists. Campagna was quick to try to steer the conversation back into a positive direction.

"Meteorologists generally have thick skin (how could we not???), but let's try to keep it positive and move forward. That's what I'm doing," he wrote.