This is F-ing Ridiculous!

Does it take a Reporter getting struck and killed by lightning to get news managers to wake the fuck up? 

KPHO/KTVK Reporter Briana Whitney was sent out to cover a monsoon that was moving through the Phoenix area. Just in the short time she was on the air, lighting was striking all around her. 

In her live shot she talks about how she was talking with the Executive Producer just before going on air and how close a lightning strike came to her. 

Now, any EP worth a shit would have told her to get to a safe spot and don't worry about the live shot. But, instead there she is live on the air with lightning flashing all around her. 

The Anchors finally told you to go somewhere safe after the Weather Anchor said she was in danger. 

Let's hope that there is a meeting at this Meredith station at some point today that enforces the fact that maybe we should worry a bit more about the employee's safety and a little less about trying to get them killed. 

This is wrong in so many ways. 

If your managers ever send you out in conditions like this to go live in an open parking lot, next to a tall light pole in a lightning storm, tell them "no" and then make a call to a lawyer. 

Here's the video and it is very disturbing that this news crew was asked to do this: