This is Tegna


Tegna owned WKYC made a big announcement yesterday and including a press release with some very head shaking information. 

Tegna announced that legendary Cleveland Anchor Leon Bibb will be returning to the station to do commentary.

See there comes a time when you get old enough you can report the news. When you get really old, you do commentary on the news. 

Anyway, Tegna sent out this press release that talks about Bibb's accomplishments and the fact that he even interviewed "James Earl Jones" the man that killed Martin Luther King. 

That's funny, in our elementary history class, they taught us that James Earl RAY killed Doctor King. 

If I was actor James Earl Jones, I'd get my lawyer on the line and dial up Tegna. 

Here's the press release: 

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 4.28.02 AM.png