60 Minutes EP Extends Vacation (You can Do That?)


When Ronan Farrow wrote his piece about the misconduct allegations against CBS CEO Les Moonves, he also said that the problems trickled down to other parts of CBS including 60 Minutes.  

60 Minutes EP Jeff Fager is not part of the internal investigation at CBS. He was supposed to return to work at CBS Today after a vacation. 

But, now the network says that Fager is "extending his vacation" while the investigation wraps up. 

"Having heard the investigation will be wrapping up soon, Jeff has decided to stay on vacation," a CBS News spokesperson told CNN. 

All those years in TV news and never once did I think about just "staying on vacation." Who knew you could do that? 

The truth of the matter is, depending on how this plays out, you might never see Fager return to CBS. The idea that HE decided to extend his vacation is more than likely complete bullshit. It is more than likely that Fager has been told to stay way while this investigation is complete. 

It's sad that a show like 60 Minutes which is known for digging up the truth, can't tell the truth when it involves their own people. 

It's time that the media as a whole becomes much more transparent when it comes to news about them. If you can't be honest about yourself, how are viewers expected to believe your stories about others. 

Just saying....