Sinclair Drops Lawsuit Against Reporter


While Sinclair filed a lawsuit against Tribune, they have very quietly dropped a lawsuit against a former Reporter. 

Back in April, FTVLive told you that Sinclair sued former WPEC (West Palm Beach) Reporter Jonathan Beaton. 

Beaton left the station and TV news altogether, moved to Orlando and opened up his own public relations firm.

But, just before the statute of limitations had run out, Sinclair sued Beaton requesting $5,700 in damages and other related costs. 

This month Sinclair quietly dropped the breach of contract lawsuit. 

Back in May, In May, Sinclair dropped a similar lawsuit against former WPEC Reporter Lauren Hills.

Hills also left the business, but it did not stop Sinclair from coming after her. They sued her for over $17,000 before they dropped the suit. 

If you sign on to work at a Sinclair station, this is just some of the fun you can look forward to. 

Don't say you weren't warned.