One of the Good Ones Has Died

One of the best network Reporters in TV news history has passed away. 

Barrie Dunsmore, a veteran newsman who delivered elegant dispatches from Berlin to Baghdad for three decades, reporting on the collapse of the Soviet Union and wars in the Middle East as a senior foreign and diplomatic correspondent for ABC News, has died at a hospital in Washington. He was 79.

The cause was congestive heart failure, said his wife, Whitney Taylor Dunsmore.

Raised in poverty in Western Canada, Dunsmore played hockey on a feeder team for the Montreal Canadiens before establishing himself as a journalist in the mid-1960s, when his friendship with Canadian-born news anchor Peter Jennings helped him move from Canada’s CTV network to ABC News.

He went on to become one of the leading foreign correspondents of his era, reporting from more than 100 countries and developing a reputation as an expert on the Soviet Union and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an abiding interest ever since he traveled to the region in 1967 to cover the Six-Day War.

Dunsmore went his entire career making the story about the subject and not about himself and he did it without taking a single selfie. 

H/T Washington Post