CNN Reporter Walks Out and Gives Up


CNN's White House Reporter Jim Acosta asked White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders if she thought that the media was, "the enemy of the people?"

When she did not answer, Acosta walked out and tweeted this: 

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 3.15.24 AM.png

So, he didn't like that Sanders would not answer the question or say what he wanted her to say, so he just left. 

The CNN Reporter that is assigned to cover the White House, got up and left his job. 

Is that how all Reporters should act?

If you're interviewing the Mayor and you ask her a question that she wouldn't answer, do you just walk away?

If you're covering a wildfire and you ask the fire chief a question and he doesn't give you the answer you want, do you just leave? 

How about in other jobs? If the firefighter fighting the blaze on the frontline and he asks someone a question and they won't answer, does he just walk away from fighting the fire? 

Last I looked, Jim Acosta is assigned to the White House. His job is to cover the Administration and report back to the people. But, if he's going to leave each time he doesn't get or like the answer, maybe CNN should assign someone else that won't abandon their job just because he doesn't like the answer. 

The problem lies in the fact that Jim Acosta wants the story to be about Jim Acosta.

If the Trump administration really thinks that the media is the enemy of the people, I personally want a solider that is not going to abandon his post and leave. 

But hey, that's just me.