Adding News in the Natty


Over the past few days, FTVLive has been reporting on stations adding newscasts to their lineups. 

In the past this would be great news that stations are expanding their news programs and adding more people. 

But, many of these expansions are nothing more than a grab for all the political dollars that will be floating around from now to 2020. 

Political campaigns want to spend their money on TV news, because they firmly believe that is what the most likely voters watch. 

So, stations are expanding news to give these campaigns more area in which to spend their money.  

But, unlike back in the day, often these expansions are being down with either little or no new hires. More news, same amount of people. 

The latest station to announce that they are adding more news is WXIX in Cincinnati. 

The Raycom station is adding both a 4PM and 11PM newscast. 

"With changing lifestyles, it's clear that Tri-State viewers are looking for local news at times that are more convenient for them. We're expanding Fox 19 Now to meet those needs," says Debbie Bush, vice president and general manager. 

What Bush didn't say, is there is already station's doing news in those time slots. So, if viewers were really looking for local news in those time slots, they could already get it. 

As for the Anchors of the new newscasts, they will be pulled from other shows and used on the new newscasts as well. 

So.... If you were thinking about sending a resume, don't bother.