Take That Bullies

I'll be honest, I am not, nor will I ever be a political junkie. 

Like many of you, I am sick of both a Republican Party and a Democratic party that puts there party before the Country and refuses to work together to make America better. The political system is broken and and my even be beyond repair. 

But there is one candidate that I support, despite the fact that I can't vote for her. 

That is Rachel Hundley and she is running for City Council in Sonoma, California. 

Some cyberbullies who hid anonymously behind their keyboards have threaten Hundley.  They emailed her, saying if she did not drop out of the race, they were going to release some racy photos of her and threatened other action. 

Hundley took the bullies on in a YouTube video and although she could use some work reading a teleprompter, he message was loud and clear....she will not be slut shammed. 

Good for her for standing up taking control and telling these anonymous idiots to get lost. 

I can't vote for her, but if I could, I would.