New York Reporter Eats the World

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WNBC Reporter Michael George has come up with a really cool idea. 

He wants to try some food from every single country on Earth and that is exactly what he's doing. 

But, he has not stepped on a single airplane to do it. 

George lives and works in New York City and and he is trying to visit restaurants that serve up food from different countries. He’s already tried food from 114 countries so far, and he’s looking for more.


So, how did he come up with this plan? 

"I was covering a fire on Staten Island one night, and the only thing open was an Uzbek restaurant. The food was fantastic! I immediately started thinking what a waste it is that we usually stick to the food we know -- American, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, etcetera. This is New York- the city of immigrants! I came up with a plan to try food from every country in the world, and to share it with others.”

He puts a pin on a world map each time he samples food from a different country. 

There is a downside to eating your way around the world. George says he has put on 15 pounds since starting his quest.