The Sinclair Shuffle


People working at Sinclair stations are seeing that when their contracts come up, they are lucky if they are offered a 1% raise. 

Despite the fact that Sinclair keeps harping on what a great job Donald Trump is doing for the economy, Sinclair is offering raises that are less than the cost of living. 

Sources said that they have also added a new trick to their arsenal. We hear that a new policy is being used as a talent's contract is nearing the end, the company will post the talent's job.

"It seems like a maneuver to help keep their on-air talent in line so they don't ask for more money", said one Sinclair insider. "Why would anyone expect a respectable pay increase when the company could easily point to a stack of resumes and say we've got other options?" the insider added. 

Also Sinclair makes their employees sign an NDA. 

Donald Trump would be so proud.