No Joke

Local news faces enough hurdles, without TV stations purposefully adding to credibility issues.

WLEX-TV in Lexington, Kentucky seems to not care. Sources tipped FTVLive off that their anchor, Lee Cruse, is also a stand-up comic. It was hard for us to believe, so we went to their website to check it out.


Not only is Cruse a comedian, but his entire bio talks about everything but journalism:

Our 12:30 and morning field anchor also works as a stand-up comic. He travels the country working at various comedy clubs, colleges, universities and corporate events. Lee became the national spokesperson for the golf warehouse in December 2006 playing the character "Anchor Chip Green" which is based from his observations of Kevin Christopher. To see some of Lee's work visit

Married to Elizabeth Cruse since July 2000, Lee grew up in Winchester but graduated from Nicholas County High School. His senior year before basketball season the Cardinals traded him to the Bluejackets for a couple of old practice balls. He attended Maysville Community College, a 2-year school, for 3 years. Flunked algebra. Then attended Eastern Kentucky University and flunked algebra again. Lee now audits the books for LEX18 and Willie Nelson.

Starting in 1988 Lee worked for almost every radio station and conceivable format known to man. In the early 90's, Lee found his calling by hosting the radio want ads, where he would ask probing questions like "what's that phone number again?"

Lee loves to vacation at Disney World and Las Vegas. Sometimes he gets them mixed up and tries to place a bet at Space Mountain or ride the buffet at Harrah's.

Lee is an avid golfer who is one of the best in the area if he's allowed to keep his own scorecard.

Lee says, "I really do have the best job on the planet. I love my Kentucky home, so to have the opportunity to visit these fascinating places and the great people is a privilege. It's like I'm the community dog; people seem happy to see me and they're always giving me snacks."

It's sad a television station thinks this is appropriate. But we will give Lee a little advice; if Cordillera ever decides to fire him, he'd be a perfect anchor for TEGNA.