Cheap Labor

Tegna's KCEN (Waco) has figured out a way to cover high school football and not break the budget. 

This was posted to the station's website:

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 3.32.22 AM.png

The station writes, "Channel 6 is looking for talented high schoolers who want to report for Friday Night Lights. All you need to do is send us a "demo reel" of you reporting at school. It could be an interview with a coach, a teacher, a cheerleader, the mascot or even a video of yourself showing off your reporting skills -- basically anything that shows you've got what it takes to be a Channel 6 Junior Reporter."

They then go onto say, "We'll watch the videos and choose the best of the best. Those selected will shoot interviews, game footage or anything else that could make for great viral content. We'll upload all of them on the KCEN YouTube page. If they're really good we may even play them during our Friday Night Lights show every Friday during high school football."

Nowhere does it say anything about getting paid.'s the Tegna way.