Campaign, Campaign, Campaign

Donald Trump sat down for a hard hitting interview with a top notch Journalist. I'm totally kidding, he talked to Ainsley Earhardt one of his cheerleaders at Fox and Friends. 

Earhardt said on Hannity last night that Trump is talking about giving his former campaign manager Paul Manafort a pardon, because "he likes him" and they "were friends."

In the interview that aired on Fox and Friends, Trump did not talk about giving Manafort a pardon. So, was this talk off camera, or did Fox News not use that part in the interview? 

When it comes to Michael Cohen, Earhardt asked about him his pleading guilty and his payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels? 

Trump says the money did not come from the Campaign. Watch this clip below and every time Trump uses the word "Campaign" take a shot. 

The clip is only a minute and a half, but I promise you will be smashed by the end of it.

Earhardt's interview is exactly what you would expect from anyone at Fox and Friends. It was softballs with no follow up and a complete embarrassment, not only for Fox News, but Journalism as a whole.  

This entire interview with a sitting President should be used in Journalism classes for years to come as a complete textbook example of how not to do an interview.