Buying Tribune


With the Sinclair/Tribune deal dead, speculation now moves onto who will buy the group? 

Taking a look at some of the bigger local media groups that may or may not make a play for Tribune, most will deal with overlap. 

After the Sinclair fiasco, you can bet that in those overlap markets, stations would be divested to other companies. 

Here's a look at where there would be conflicts for each group:

If a Nexstar-Tribune merger were to occur, count at least 13 conflict markets where stations would have to divested staions due to overlapping conflicts... Connecticut, Harrisburg-Lancaster, Scranton-Wilkes Barre, Norfolk, Richmond, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Huntsville, Memphis, Fayetteville-Fort Smith, Quad Cities, Des Moines, and Salt Lake City.

If we were to see TEGNA-Tribune, counted 9 conflict markets... Norfolk, Greensboro, Cleveland, New Orleans, St. Louis, Denver, San Diego, Sacramento, and Seattle.

If we were to see Scripps-Tribune, counted 6 conflict markets... Cleveland, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Denver, and San Diego.

If we were to see Cox-Tribune, counted 2 conflict markets... Memphis and Seattle.

If we were to see Hearst-Tribune, counted 9 conflict markets... Harrisburg-Lancaster, Greensboro, New Orleans, Fayetteville-Fort Smith, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Des Moines, and Sacramento.

If we were to see Meredith-Tribune, counted 4 conflict markets... Connecticut, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Portland (Oregon).

If we were to see Gray-Tribune (post Gray-Raycom), counted 6 conflict markets... Richmond, Cleveland, Huntsville, New Orleans, Memphis, and Quad Cities.

Groups with no overlapping conflicts would be Graham Media Group and Hubbard Broadcasting.