Snowbird Sues Meredith Station

Back in August of last year, FTVLive told you that Meredith owned WSMV in Nashville had laid off longtime mascot Snowbird. 

Now Snowbird is suing.

The Tennessean writes that the actor who played Snowbird for 20 years has sued WSMV in federal court, alleging age discrimination.

Steven Good is seeking $250,000 and a jury trial, according to the suit filed Aug. 17.

Late last year, three other former on-air employees filed a separate age-discrimination lawsuit against the company. 

Snowbird, created in the weather department as a way to call attention to winter storms, is the long-standing mascot for the station who made hundreds of public appearances each year for the station.

In Good's suit, he claimed he stood up for "an older on-air personality whom [he] believed suffered an adverse employment action as a result of age discrimination."

Good said his boss at WSMV found out about his advocacy for the co-worker last year, and shortly thereafter, Good was laid off.

At the time, Good told the Tennessean he was one of six employees laid off that day and was told to leave the station immediately.

"I'm in a numb fog. This is literally half my life I've done this," Good said then. 

He could not immediately be reached for comment.

Channel 4 general manager Dale Woods did not immediately respond to an email asking for comment.