"Nexstar and KRON Stole My Trademark"

On August 9th, FTVLive FIRST told you that popular San Francisco Reporter Stanley Roberts was leaving Nexstar owned KRON after 20 years. 

Roberts fronted and shot the very popular "People Behaving Badly" segment in which he would go out and record people violating the law and then report it. The segment was KRON's signature and one of the most popular. 

Roberts is leaving the station and headed to KPHO in Phoenix. 

Last night Roberts signed off from KRON and let's just say it got very awkward, very quickly. 

Roberts and the anchors bantered about his years at the station, when he then dropped this, "I probably would have stayed in the Bay Area if Nexstar and KRON hadn't stole my trademark, I probably still be here."

Boom! Of course the KRON anchors did not follow up to the bomb that Roberts just dropped and tried to act like nothing happened. 

You know the bosses at KRON were cringing as their longtime Reporter just threw them under the bus. 

It was a bold move and it was one that you can bet had Nexstar big boss Perry Sook seeing red. 

Station sources say that Roberts has the copyright to the phrase "People Behaving Badly" and it appears that is what he was referring to when he said that Nexstar and KRON "stole my trademark"

It will be interesting if the often litigious Nexstar lets this go or responds. 

We can assure you, if the KRON bosses knew that Roberts was going to call them out live on the air, he never would have been allowed to say goodbye. 

Stay tuned....