"Forget Everything You Learned in Journalism School"


Looks like Tegna is about to do it again. 

The company has blown up the newscasts at a number of their stations and replaced them with..... ummmmmm.... not sure what to call it, but it's not news. 

Now they are getting ready to screw up St. Louis. 

The staff at KSDK are now being prepped for a relaunch of their late newscast into another Tegna project. 

According to KSKA sources, in the meeting to announce the re-launch, News Director Tiffani Lupenski told the staff,  "forget about everything you learned in journalism school. Our job now is to entertain."

Walter Cronkite and Ed Murrow have to be spinning by now. 

The newscast.....errrrrrrr..... show will be called "STL at Night" and will focus heavy on social media and little on news. 

"They've been putting the Anchors through improv classes," said one insider to FTVLive.

The staffers were handed out a packet (see picture) as to the company's vision for the non-news newscast. 

Another employee says that many people are updating their resumes and want to "get the hell out and work at a real news station." 

Stay tuned....