Leaving LA

It's 2 and out for this LA Anchor. 

Another one is packing up their bags and leaving KCBS/KCAL in LA.

Meteorologist Craig Herrera joined the CBS O&O back in August 2016. IN August 2018, he is leaving and headed up The 5 for Seattle. 

Herrera is well liked at the LA station, but he was stuck on the weekend morning shift and it appeared he wasn't getting off it anytime soon. He opted to leave. 

He joins a long list of on air talent that have left KCBS/KCAL one way or the other. That list is:

Rick Garcia
Jackie Johnson
Elsa Ramon
Andrea Fujii
Leyna Nguyen
Craig Herrera

Herrera announced on social media that he is headed to KING in Seattle.