Slowly Moving Towards the Exit

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WKBW is slowly parting ways with longtime Anchor Keith Radford. 

Radford says that starting next year, he will be greatly pulling back on his workload at the Scripps station. 

Radford confirmed he will be dropping the noon newscast he presently anchors at the start of the new year, and will possibly drop the 5:30 p.m. newscast. He is on board to do the 6PM newscast. 

"They may have me continue to do the 5:30 p.m. newscast," Radford said. "I’ve been thinking about cutting back or retiring. It is a mutual decision. They asked me to stay a year or two working part time.”

Radford replaced the legendary Irv Weinstein and watched the station go from first to worst in the ratings. 

The ratings drop was not due to Radford, but due to Granite Broadcasting, which took over the station and along with GM Bill Ransom, drove it straight into the ground. 

Scripps bought the station from Granite and has made some upgrades and spent some much needed money, but WKBW continues to be marred in last place. Which is a testament as to how bad Granite screwed the place up. 

The 67 year old Radford says he's ready for a step closer to the door. “I’m ready to scale back and not work as much,” he said. “I consider myself fortunate. A lot of people my age have been told you’re out of touch, they’re cut and gone.”

H/T Buffalo News