The "Scoop Machine" Jumps to NBC


When Dylan Byers worked for Politico he was breaking a lot of stories and doing solid work. 

Then Byers was hired by CNN, where media critic Brian Stelter called him a "Scoop Machine" when the network hired him. 

But Byers made little splash at CNN and it got to the point where his was almost forgotten and surely was not coming up with many big scoops.

Maybe he was lost in the giant shadow cast by Stelter and his massive ego at CNN. 

Byers is calling it a day after 3 years working with Stelter and is now headed to NBC as the Peacock's Senior Media Reporter. 

This is a good move for Byers and hopefully he can get his mojo back that he showed before CNN. 

He also promises that he will be doing a newsletter. 

One can only hope that it won't focus on just constant trashing of Trump and the slamming of Fox News like Stelter's newsletter. 

We expect that Byers is a bit better than that.