Married to the News

The married couple of Erica Brecher and Andrew Baglini used to compete against each other in the Buffalo market. 

Well, not really compete, Baglini works as a Weather Anchor at WIVB and Brecher was a News Reporter at WGRZ. 

But, now the two work for the same station. 

Brecher jumped across the street to become the Weekend News Anchor. Baglini does Weekend Weather (feel sorry for the person that has to schedule vacations). 

The Buffalo News says that they are still getting used to seeing each other at work.

“It is a little weird for me to see her,” said Baglini, who notes they work at different parts of the newsroom. “Weird in a good way. It makes me happy, I think she is doing a wonderful job. Now I get an added smile seeing my wife there.”

“We’re only crossing right before and doing the shows,” said Brecher. “It is important for me and my career that I am independent person from him as much as I enjoy we are working together and we are so lucky about how well we’ve been received by Western New Yorkers both for our performances individually and as a couple.”

It's a good bet that the two aren't the only news anchors that sleep together. The difference that unlike the other news anchors, they don't have to hide it from their spouse. 

All be here all week gang. Tip your waitresses on the way out.