Softening the Blow in Birmingham?

Is this a promotion or is it a way to soften a demotion? 

Hearst owned WVTM announced that longtime Anchor Lisa Crane has been promoted to the new job of  Executive Producer and Host of WVTM's Chronicle.

Chronicle will be a quarterly special that features in-depth, documentary style stories with topics of interest to Central Alabamians.

“I’m so excited to take on this new adventure. Chronicle has a great reputation at other Hearst stations around the country and I’m thrilled to bring it to Alabama to highlight some of the people, places and things that make our state great,” said Crane.

As Crane takes over at the 4 time a year show at WVTM, sources tell FTVLIve that the station is moving Brittney Decker into her evening Anchor spot at the station. 

So, is this a way to move a new Anchor into Crane's spot and soften the blow? Or, was this something Crane really wanted and a chance to do more long-form reporting? 

Since this is local news, and it's rare for any station to be upfront and honest, it's likely will really never know the truth on this move. 

Don't you just love the communications business?