Facebook Doesn't Care About Your Station One Bit


In a very interesting story on BoingBoing it seems that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg could care less about TV station and or the product that bring to the platform. 

Quoting a report, the website says that Facebook media relations chief Campbell Brown privately disclosed that Mark Zuckerberg is indifferent to publishers and offers the news media a simple choice: "Work with Facebook or die."

A senior Facebook executive has privately admitted Mark Zuckerberg “doesn’t care” about publishers and warned that if they did not work with the social media giant, “I’ll be holding your hands with your dying business like in a ­hospice”.

That's a strange thought, isn't it? Right down to how an attempt at intimidation is undermined its own awkward spitefulness.

Still, she (invoking he), is effectively threatening to destroy news publishers unless they comply with Facebook's vision for their future.

Here's a interesting side note to all this. 

I was watching the PGA Championship on Cox's WJAX here in Jacksonville. The station ran a number of quick promos during the network's coverage of the tournament. 

One commercial was telling viewers to add the station on SnapChat.

Another spot beg viewers to "like" them on Facebook. 

And yet another spot asked viewers to follow them on Instagram. 

We don't remember a single promo that asked viewers to go to the station's website, a digital property that they actually own. 

Why stations spend time and money sending viewers to platforms that they don't own and can't sell is beyond us. 

WJAX could have used that time to promote their website and drive people to it. Instead they want to send them to Facebook and other social media. 

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg scared them into doing it. 

We urge stations to spend the time and the money making your website better, more interesting and then promoting it. That way you can skip the social media and bring the viewers straight to you.