40 Years and Still Going

On Monday, WGN Weather God Tom Skilling will celebrate 40 years on the Chicago station. 

Skilling first appeared on WGN on August 13, 1978. Think about that for a bit. 

Skilling’s career started in high school at the unheard-of age of 14-years-old, when Tom was hired by WKKD Radio in Aurora, Illinois. His first television job was at age 18 at WLXT-TV Aurora.  From there, he moved to Madison, Wisconsin to study both meteorology and journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Then, on to WKOW-TV (ABC) and WTSO Radio in Madison, before going to work for WITI-TV in Milwaukee from 1975-1978, where he was rated the city’s #1 meteorologist.

WGN sent out this tweet with a quick look back at Skilling's incredible run in Chicago: