TV News People Cyberstalked

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A former WHIO (Dayton) employee who was taunted and harassed relentlessly online for six years, said the fallout has left him "a shell of who I once was."

The former employee wanted to remain anonymous because he has left the Miami Valley to start a new life, but he spoke out at the sentencing of his cyberstalker last week in a Greene County courtroom. In his victim impact statement, he told the court that Jillian Sticka is a predator, who also ensnared his friends and "spends all of her time trying to destroy people's lives." 

The WHIO employee wasn't the only station staffer that this woman harassed. 

WHIO anchor-reporter Gabrielle Enright, said she did not know Sticka when she became the second victim. She believes she was targeted "because I was friends with my coworker, and my coworker was being harassed and she (Sticka) went after me." Enright said Sticka attacked her appearance, job performance and marriage and "she used one of the worst moments of my life to harass me." 

Enright suffered a miscarriage in 2016 and shared her pain with her social media followers. "I was trying to help myself and help others heal by going public with it," Enright said. In her victim impact statement, Enright said Sticka "claimed I killed my unborn child because I didn't know who the father was. She also tweeted that God hated me and that's why I lost my baby girl." 

The former WHIO employee said he met Sticka in late 2011 at an event in Greene County. He said she began calling him several times a day and sent him Facebook messages. He told her that he was not interested in a relationship but, "the more I rejected Jillian, the angrier and more aggressive she became." He said he filed his first police report against Sticka in May of 2013. "Before that, I told her a million times to leave me alone." In September that year, he got a Civil Protection Order against her. 

Sticka was sentenced to six months in jail after pleading guilty to three counts of menacing by stalking involving a total of three victims.