The Sinclair "Must Run" SCOTUS Stories

Donald Trump has picked Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his choice to be the next judge on the Supreme Court.

While Kavanaugh has not gone through the nomination process just yet, it seems that Sinclair has already made up their mind and think he is the perfect choice. 

MediaMatters reports that Sinclair is requiring their stations across the country to air multiple “must-run” segments praising the “perfectly qualified” Kavanaugh and encouraging a quick confirmation.

As of July 27, Sinclair has produced at least four “must-run” commentary segments about the open Supreme Court seat, including two that feature excerpts from interviews with Vice President Mike Pence and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX). The segments either laud Kavanaugh’s qualifications, dismiss real concerns about what’s at stake if he is confirmed, or push for a quick confirmation process. Some do all three.

Sinclair designates that certain news and commentary segments, produced in its national studios, must air on its local news stations across the country -- including all four of the Kavanaugh-related segments. According to a Media Matters search of the iQ media database, one or more of these segments have aired in at least 22 states, including those with potentially key senators in a confirmation vote like Alabama, Maine, Nevada, and West Virginia.

The first “must-run” aired on June 28 and 29, shortly after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement. In his recurring “Bottom Line With Boris” commentary segment, Sinclair chief political analyst Boris Epshteyn argued that the Senate ought to confirm whomever President Donald Trump would nominate to replace Kennedy before the midterm elections in November. Epshteyn ended the segment, “Nominating and confirming a second conservative justice to the Supreme Court will be a huge achievement for the president and Senate Republicans. It will further cement their reputation as defenders of the rule of law and our Constitution.”

Here is one clip from WVAH in Charleston, West Virginia in which they throw to Boris Epshteyn, coming out story from the "Terrorism Alert Desk."

This is how Anchors look after they have sold their soul: