Katie Couric: CBS “Felt Like a Boys’ Club”


Former CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric does not seem too surprised about the allegations against CBS CEO Les Moonves. 

About the story of Moonves and other top executives of misdeeds, Couric said that CBS “felt like a boys’ club,” where a number of talented women seemed to be “marginalized and undervalued.”

It’s not the first time Couric has spoken out against #MeToo issues.

She previously was Matt Lauer’s co-host on The Today Show and she commented after his shocking sex scandal that caused him to be fired by NBC. 

“I hope he’s trying to figure out and understand his behavior and why he did it and why it was so wrong,” Couric said of her longtime NBC friend Opens a New Window. .

Couric always has maintained that she had a “wonderful working relationship” with Lauer, 60, and was blindsided by the accusations against him.

Now Couric, along with other former and current female CBS employees, are speaking out about Moonves’ alleged misdeeds.

Many of them have described the atmosphere at CBS as a “‘frat house’.”

H/T Radar Online