Getting the Gang Back Together

There was a time when Good Day LA was one of the hottest and best shows on morning TV in LA.

The show on KTTV the Fox O&O was fronted by Steve Edwards, Jillian Barberie and Dorothy Lucey was a hit and highly rated.

Now, Good Day LA is just another struggling morning show that has gone through change after change. 

Many viewers in LA have hoped that KTTV would bring back the three to do it all over again. FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that Edwards was sacked by the station. 

Lucey and Barberie left the long ago. 

But now, the band is back together. Not on the air, but on a podcast. 

You can listen to it hear and while it's not exactly getting the Beatles back together, for many LA viewers, this is a big deal.