About The Nexstar Job Search


Yesterday we reported that some Nexstar managers were told that the hiring was slowing down at the company. 

We also showed you that a search of Nexstar's job listings showed only one job open for the entire company. 

Well, it turns out that Nexstar changed the company that they use to post internal jobs. 

While the managers were told about the change and instructed on where to post the new jobs, it seems someone forgot to tell the person that runs the Nexstar website. 

Yesterday, when FTVLive rand the job search from the Nexstar main page, just that one single job came up. 

We're happy to report, that after FTVLive's story the link seems to be fixed and now and you can find more than a single job posted. 

The company did not thanks us for pointing out the error. But, we're still just happy to help.