Moving the Anchors Around in The A-T-L

Shon Gables

Shon Gables

Sources tell FTVLive that Meredith owned WGCL is shifting around some Anchors and making some changes. 

Sources say that Morning Anchor Shon Gables is being moved to the 5PM newscast to sit alongside Thomas Roberts. Gables will then report for the later shows. 

Gables is still listed on the station's website as the morning Anchor, but word is that is changing. 

That also means that Gables could be intruding on the turf of WGCL's queen bee, Sharon Reed. Uh-oh!

Insiders say that Tracye Hutchins who was doing the evening Anchoring is being moved back to morning Anchor which is where she was when she joined the station almost a decade ago. 

These aren't the only Anchor changes that are going down at the struggling station, we hear that more are coming. 

Stay tuned....