BREAKING EXCLUSIVE! Former MSNBC to Resurface in Atlanta


FTVLive has learned FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY that former MSNBC Anchor Thomas Roberts is about to resurface at Meredith owned WGCL in Atlanta. 

Word is that Roberts' name is on the schedule to start as the main Anchor on Monday, sitting next to Sharon Reed. 

He replaces Ben Swann, so this is a huge get for WGCL. Swann left under a cloud of controversy and conspiracy and for the station to land someone with Robert's resume is a huge upgrade.

Roberts is no stranger to the Atlanta market. He worked a number of years at CNN in Atlanta before heading off "The Insider" and then NBC. 

Station insiders tell FTVLIve that no official announcement has been made and no one is talking.

FTVLive tried to contact Roberts' longtime Agent Rick Ramage, but we're told he is out of town for the holiday with family.  

Look for Roberts next week on WGCL and remember where you heard it first. 

While others are mailing it in for the holiday, FTVLive is still here breaking news.