DOJ Investigating Sinclair and Tribune and Others for Collusion


While Robert Muller still is looking into whether Donald Trump and his people colluded with Russia, the DOJ is looking into collusion by TV groups. 

FTVLive has heard rumblings about this for months, but now the Wall Street Journal reports that the DOJ  is investigating whether media groups, including Sinclair and Tribune colluded on setting TV advertising rates?

The sharing of numbers and rates has been a dirty secret in this industry for years and now it appears that some light might be shed on the practice. 

The Journal says that the DOJ  investigating Sinclair, Tribune and other TV station owners violated federal antitrust laws by having advertising teams communicate with each other, possibly leading to raised television advertising rates.

“It is our policy not to comment on a potential investigation,” said a Sinclair spokesperson. “It is our understanding that this is not specific to Sinclair but focuses on the larger broadcast industry.”

The Journal reported that the possible violations were discovered during the government's investigation of Sinclair's $3.9 billion bid to acquire Tribune. 

It's funny that Sinclair is using the same line 6 year olds use when they get caught by their mom. 

"But mom! They're doing it too!" 

Then again, the same could be said for Trump. 

H/T LA Biz