Some Sinclair Staffers Did Not Like Trump's Tweet Defending Them


But, not everyone that works at Sinclair was happy that the President was sticking up for them. 

CNN writes that inside Sinclair, there were bewildered reactions to the president's defense of the company.

"Trump's tweet actually hurts us -- because of the conservative line," one staffer said.

Other Sinclair journalists seconded this point, saying colleagues were unhappy with Trump's portrayal of the company as "conservative." While stations have been forced to air pro-Trump commentaries and stories, most journalists at local stations want to be recognized for their straight-forward, nonpartisan work. They don't want to be labeled by the president or anyone else.

This is why working for a Sinclair outlet is bad for your career. It is a label that will be stuck on you and your resume for life. 

Something to think about if you are offered a job at a Sinclair station. 

Just saying...