It's Ladies Night


When Tegna pushed out longtime WGRZ (Buffalo) Weatherman Kevin O'Connell, that left a big position to fill. 

O'Connell had been with the Tegna station for 25 years and now the station has decided on his replacement. 

And they have picked not one but two women to do just that. 

Weekend morning Weather Anchor (and a FTVLive favorite) Maria Genero (top left) will takeover for O'Connell on the early evening forecasts. 

Heather Waldman (top right) will handle the duties on both the 10PM and 11PM newscasts. 

Patrick Hammer, who was initially hired to replace O'Connell in 2015, is not getting the bump up and while he will still be called the station's chief meteorologist he will remain on the morning show. 

The changes take place next month. 

H/T Buffalo News