Where's the News in NY?

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 3.47.43 AM.png

You may remember that the Fox O&O's made a big announcement that they were adding a number of new newscasts to their stations. 

At the time, Jack Abernethy, CEO of Fox Television Stations said, “In a time when media critics are accusing large station groups of cutting back on news, we are adding more newscasts than ever with a total of more than 42 hours of local news per week this year,” 

In The Firm's press release, they stated that "WNYW New York increases a half hour at noon Monday-Friday starting July 23."

Well, yesterday was July 23rd and sources tell FTVLive that there was no new Noon newscast. One FTVLive reader tells us that it was not news and was an episode of Page 6 TV that aired in 12PM. 

So, did Fox scrap their plans to launch the new newscast, or is it just delayed? 

Stay tuned....