That's Nice To See...

There are a lot of other media Reporters, newspapers and websites that are insanely jealous of and our ability to break the biggest news in the industry time and time again. 

There are a number of them that lift material from FTVLive and pass it off as their own with no credit. Some of those people even want you to pay money for a story they stole from FTVLive, which you can read for free.

Then there are the real Journalists out there that give credit where credit is due. FTVLive is fanatical about giving credit and there are a few others that are as well. 

When FTVLive FIRST broke the news that Cox was putting their stations up for sale, a number of sites just lifted the info from FTVLive and acted like had the story. Of course, they were way behind FTVLive, but they were hoping you would not notice. 

Then you have real Journalists like the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Maria Sciullo. Cox owns WPXI in the Burgh and of course this is a huge story for that market. 

But, Sciullo made sure to credit FTVLive early in her story and with a link. 

We like to point out the fact there are some people out there that do it right.