Good For Tegna


While healthcare is provided to citizens in many countries around the world, that is not the case here in America. 

In fact, the greed of insurance companies and healthcare providers, continues to drive healthcare costs through the roof. 

TV station groups are seeing that first hand and so our their employees. But, Tegna is continuing to pay the raising fees and not pass the higher cost onto their employees. 

Tegna boss Dave Lougee told the staff this in a townhall meeting: 
"Healthcare costs continue to rise way above inflation, a continued non-sustainable thing for the American economy and something this country is going to have to deal with as a policy.  We have seen what our increases are going to be to the company next year and they are staggering and they are not what they should be. But I do want to announce that employees will not bear any of the increase and will not pay more for any health care plans in 2019. This is the fifth straight year we have worked to keep premiums flat to down for the majority of employees.  In addition we will once again contribute $500 for any eligible employee's health savings account (HSA)."  

Props to Tegna on this. Let's hope other station groups follow their lead.