Cox ND 'Resigns'


Its not often that Cox makes changes in their executive ranks, nor do executives usually choose to leave Cox. But change is happening in Seattle.

KIRO-TV ND Jake Milstein told his staff that he's leaving the station this week, after 10 years at the station; the last four as ND.

Here's the memo he sent to staff about looking for a 'new adventure':

From: Milstein, Jake                                                                                                                     Sent: Monday, July 23, 2018 9:19 AM                                                                                      Subject: Thank You
This is a memo about your tremendous accomplishments.
In the past decade, the people in this newsroom have done incredible work.
You have chronicled Sea2le news like no other enLty. You have covered joy, tragedy, and change. And, you have done it with incredible principle, drive, and intelligence.
A lot has happened since 2008. We had one heckuva snow that year, Amazon moved its first employees to South Lake Union, the Sea2le P-I was in full swing, and we were all furiously typing on our Blackberries.
KIRO 7 was in a tough spot: KING 5 was dominant and we were ba2ling to get half of their raLngs share.
And then things began to change. And change doesn’t just happen – Newton was right – there has to be force to make change.
Sea2le became the epicenter of inerLa: Amazon grew and wasn’t just a bookseller, Apple took over where Blackberries faltered, and KIRO 7 began to gain.
Here we are in 2018; A year in which we talk to our devices and watch autonomous cars go by; and we have had great success:
-KIRO 7 became the #1 staLon in Sea2le
-We surpassed our compeLLon and developed the best tech in town
-We were 1st on new plaborms like Roku and Alexa and we are meeLng news consumers where they want the news
Those accomplishments are yours and you should be very proud of what you did and what you do every day. I’ve been here for those 10 years and I’m darn proud of you.
And, ader a decade, I realize I’ve done what I came here to do. We took down the giant and now I’m going to look for a new challenge.
I’ll be here unLl Thursday before I sail off to the next adventure. And, I leave here knowing that whoever sits in this corner office will be the luckiest leader in the country because of the great folks they have outside their door.

JAKE MILSTEIN | News Director | KIRO 7
Cox Media Group | 2807 3rd Ave | Seattle, WA 98121

Our question is, will there be cake?