So, What Now Happens to Tribune?


With the Sinclair deal just about dead in the water, the focus turns to Tribune and what happens now? 

People working at Tribune stations will tell you it has sucked for quite some time. When a station is about to get bought out, the money being spent at those stations dries up quickly. 

Say, you station desperately needs 4 new cameras, do you really think Tribune is going to pay the money to buy new gear only to give up the station a few months later? 

The same is happening with hiring. A number of sources have told FTVLive that jobs have open for months and the bosses are telling the staff that they will be filled after the sale. 

But now, the sale is likely not happening and the more delays is taking a toll on Tribune employees as the company has drastically tighten the purse strings. 

So, what now happens?

Some think that Tribune could file bankruptcy again to protect themselves from the debt that has been run up. 

There is a thought that Rupert Murdoch could buy the Tribune stations, keep the ones he wants and sell off the rest. You could see Sinclair, Meredith, Standard media or Tegna buy some of those. 

Also, one plan for Tribune that is not getting much play is all of the Trib stations being bought out by Soo Kim.

Kim is the guy that started Standard Media and he was on track to buy a number of the Tribune stations from Sinclair after the deal went through. 

Kim is an entrepreneur that bought and merged his way to the top with Media General before it was absorbed by Nexstar. He walked away with a lot of money and he is willing to spend it. 

Kim could easily get the cash he needs to to buy Tribune outright. And since he's just getting started in TV (again) he should get approval for the deal quickly from the FCC. 

Kim has taken his old team from Media General that consist of Deb McDermott, Stan Knott and Jim Carr and trying to build a media group. Buying Tribune will take him from zero to 100 in no time flat. 

Kim's group would also be a win for employees. He will spend money and there will be a heavy focus on news with no "must run" crap, or political leanings.

In other words, it will be a station many will enjoy working at. 

Time will tell what happens at Tribune, but whatever it is, it needs to happen fast, before the Trib stations fall apart.... literally.