Calling it Quits Together

Longtime Milwaukee Reporter Colleen Henry has decided to retire and she is taking her husband with her into retirement. 

Henry has had 25-plus year career on air for WISN. Her husband Steve Kohn was a hot shot lawyer in Milwaukee. 

But, the couple has decided to walk away from their respected jobs together. 

They've sold their Lake Drive home, shed most of their belongings in an estate sale and with their rescue dog Peggy are headed to Mexico in the fall.

Thirty-seven hours driving time by car from the Midwest to Puerto Vallarta.

It's kind of sudden. But that's life. And there's a story.

Last year, Kohn hadn't been feeling well. Something wasn't right. In November, he finally saw a specialist and underwent a chest X-ray. He had cancer. Just like that, life changed.

After radiation, three minor surgeries and two major surgeries, including the removal of his left lung in mid-March, Kohn is now cancer-free.

An experience like that drives home the point that life is more than legal briefs or chasing stories.

So, here they are are moving on to the the next chapter in life. 

Good for them. 

H/T Milwaukee Journal