Grocery Store Pulls Ads from Nexstar Station


The saga involving Nexstar's WHTM (Harrisburg) as large grocery chain Giant Food Stores says it has pulled it's advertising from the station. 

The Carlisle, PA based grocery chain h says it has suspended their advertising with the Nexstar station following allegations against the station's general manager, Robert Bee, and the departure anchor Flora Posteraro and other female staffers.  

Pennlive reports that Posteraro is currently pursuing legal action against the station for sex discrimination and retaliation, claiming she became a target for reprisals after participating in an HR complaints against Bee.

Management at WHTM and parent company Nexstar dispute those claims.

Giant Food Stores released the following in a statement after suspending their ads with the station: 

"Following recent allegations against ABC 27's general manager, GIANT Food Stores has decided to temporarily suspend our advertising with the station until the matter is appropriately resolved.  We are fully committed to supporting fair and safe workplace environments," the statement said. 

Since Posteraro's departure, four more female journalists -- Dawn White, Carrie Perry, Megan Frank and Amanda St. Hilaire -- have also left the on the abc27 news team. Each of the women made posts on social media about their departure expressing support for their female colleagues or denouncing workplace discrimination and harassment. 

Posteraro and St. Hilaire were both involved in the anonymously filed HR complaint against Bee in August 2017. The document claims that Bee made frequent inappropriate comments to and about female staff members, including commenting on their weight and dress; one was referred to as a "fat pig" and another as a "mean bitch."

Nexstar says that they looked into the complaints and found nothing and that they plan to vigorously defend these "false accusations" against Bee and the station.  

Stay tuned...